Hannah Mackay - Covid-secure shiatsu practice update 10th July 2020

Please read before coming for a booked session!

I am offering hands-on shiatsu sessions from 13th July


Initially sessions will take place in my garden. I hope to gradually return to indoor sessions over the next months. Outdoor sessions will minimise the risk of covid transmission.

In accordance with government guidelines I will not be working on the face, and I will only be working on client’s neck/head in a side-lying or seated position, so that we are not breathing near each other’s faces. I will be wearing a plastic visor when I am closer than 2 metres to you (when I am working hands-on but not during the consultation/chat). I will ensure I am wearing clean clothes.


  1. If you have covid symptoms (persistent cough, fever, loss of smell/taste) please cancel your session, no charge. I will ask you if you have these symptoms before we start.

  2. If you need to self-isolate because you have been in contact with someone who has suspected or confirmed covid, or because you live in an area with a local lockdown, please cancel your session, no charge.

  3. I will also cancel if I have covid symptoms or need to self-isolate.

Minimising touching objects:

  1. Please phone when you arrive and I will let you in through the side gate (so you don’t need to knock).

  2. We will both use hand sanitiser at the start of the session.

  3. I won’t be offering toilet facilities for the moment, so please bear this in mind!

  4. Please bring water with you if you might want a drink.

  5. Please pay by bank transfer. If this is not possible, let me know and we will work something out.

Cleaning/individual items

  1. I will clean the area before you come. As we are outside there is a lower risk of covid transmission between consecutive clients.

  2. I will use plastic mats which can be wiped down. I will give you a cloth for your head which I will wash after your session. Towels to be used as cushions will be washed after each client.

  3. I won’t be offering you a blanket, so please bring your own to use, to keep warm. If you would like to lie on your own sheet or blanket you can bring it with you. If you like lots of cushions, please bring with you!

The downside of being outside

  1. It might be cold and /or wet. I will have a gazebo up for wet weather but the ground could still be wet. Please bring what you need to keep warm.

  2. Confidentiality – I can’t be sure who will be around in my neighbours’ gardens. People in my home won’t be able to hear what we are talking about, but other people may. If you want to have a consultation before you arrive, we could talk by phone or you can email me with more personal information.

Options to reduce risk – shorter time in close contact

  1. Government guidance suggests that shorter time in close contact reduces the risk of covid transmission. You can book a shorter session at a reduced price if you would like to – phone me to discuss. We can also spend more of the session at a distance, for example practicing qi gong or self-shiatsu together for part of the session, or having longer talking. We can also choose which areas of the body to spend more time on – working on the feet and legs means our faces are less close together.

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