Shiatsu with Hannah Mackay

in Manchester

Would you like to:

feel more relaxed and peaceful?

be more in touch with your energy, dynamism and vitality?

be more connected with your emotions?

maintain your health and well-being?

feel more comfortable in your body by releasing pain and tension?


Shiatsu can help in all these ways and more! 

Shiatsu treatments in Chorlton and central Manchester
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Covid-19 update

10th July 2020

It's important to minimise the risk of spreading covid-19, and so at the moment I am offering outdoor sessions. It seems that being outside reduces risk considerably. These will be in my garden, or could be a home visit to your garden.

I can now offer hands-on treatment (from 13th July). You also have the option of socially distanced sessions, if you prefer, including individualised exercises, recommendations and showing you points that you can use on yourself. It can be quite effective for us to work particular points together, each working on our own body. For some people who are not ready to be physically close at this time, it may feel like an important step to be together in person, without touching.

I will be flexible about possible cancellation due to weather. I will be using a gazebo to keep the rain off where necessary!

More information on the Covid-19 update page.

I am also continuing to offer phone support and zoom support calls and guided self shiatsu sessions.

I'm expecting to be back indoors offering shiatsu on a futon sometime in the next few months...

I am posting hints and tips via my facebook page, and there is a big store of short daily videos you can have a look at.


YouTube: Hannah Mackay Shiatsu and Creativity

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