Shiatsu with Hannah Mackay

in Manchester

Would you like to:

feel more relaxed and peaceful?

be more in touch with your energy, dynamism and vitality?

be more connected with your emotions?

maintain your health and well-being?

feel more comfortable in your body by releasing pain and tension?


Shiatsu can help in all these ways and more! 

Shiatsu treatments in Chorlton and central Manchester
I have a YouTube channel -
Hannah Mackay Shiatsu and Creativity
NEW! Occasional zoom self-shiatsu classes for the public - email me if you would like to be kept informed, or look on my facebook page.
Tuesday morning zoom classes for students and practitioners who have learned shiatsu with me - get in touch for more information.

Covid-19 update

23rd November 2020

English lockdown - my hands-on practice re-opened on 23rd November. I am offering hands-on appointments to clients who use shiatsu as healthcare (most of my clients come into this category). This complies with government guidance and the advice of the Shiatsu Society. See more information on my Covid-19 update page.

I am also offering phone/zoom support sessions

And for free -  I am offering occasional open classes over zoom – details here or on Facebook as they emerge, or email me for more information.

I work at Bodywise, in Manchester city centre on Wednesdays and in Chorlton on other days.

More information on the Covid-19 update page.

I am also continuing to offer phone support and zoom support calls and guided self shiatsu sessions.

I have posted a lot of hints and tips via my facebook page over the months of the pandemic, and there is a big store of short daily videos you can have a look at.


YouTube: Hannah Mackay Shiatsu and Creativity

Contact me:               07762 821364

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