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Support for shiatsu practitioners, graduates and students


I usually run two workshops per year for practitioners and third year students, in Manchester at Bodywise Natural Health Centre.

For more information see the workshops page

25th March 2023 - Aligning your shiatsu practice with your deeper purpose

Online classes

Since 2020 I have offered online classes on an occasional basis. Ask me for more information if you would like me to offer an online class for your group.

Tutorials and individual support

I offer tutorials and support for individuals or groups of practitioners/students.


You may want:

         to go over some core or advanced techniques;

         to get feedback on your practice;

         support or supervision on working with a particular client group or individual;

         support with developing your practice, business or shiatsu vocation.


£55 for one hour, £75 for 90 minutes, £100 for two hours. You can arrange a combined tutorial/treatment session if you like, or come along with friends or colleagues to share the cost. I work in Chorlton on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, and in central Manchester on Wednesdays.


You can also use a tutorial session in combination with a workshop, eg to go over material from a workshop at a later date, or before a workshop day, to discuss techniques or how you use your body when giving shiatsu, which I can then keep an eye out for during the workshop.

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