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Shiatsu workshops

Workshops for practitioners and advanced students

I usually run two workshops per year for practitioners and advanced students, in Manchester at Bodywise Natural Health Centre.

For more information or to book a place, please email me:

Next workshops:

4th November 2023 – 'Including the whole person, including the symptom': working with clients with chronic health problems. 

This workshop will focus on our shiatsu work with people who have chronic physical health problems that impact their lives.
In my clinical practice, I see people with fibromyalgia, chronic pain conditions, arthritis, asthma, chronic fatigue and many more. We will be exploring the Vibrational Levels (elemental, physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) and how we can connect holistically to support people with their chronic health issues, and the links to all aspects of living life.
This workshop will include support for our work as practitioners - how to adapt our shiatsu, how to find our way with longer term work; with plenty of practical shiatsu giving and receiving.

At Bodywise Natural Health Centre; Turner St, Manchester M4.

Cost £80

10.30 - 5.30


If you would like information about booking me to teach a workshop for your group of shiatsu practitioners/students, please contact me.

Past workshops:

March 2023 – Aligning your shiatsu practice with your deeper purpose.

November 2022 - Restore and Revitalise - working with burn-out and fatigue conditions.

At the Shiatsu College Residential 2022 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies - working with hypermobility

                                  - A deepening connection: Working with clients who have had adverse childhood experiences                 

September 2020 - Getting back into touch

February 2020 - Shoulders: holding, unfolding

September 2019 - Fear and anxiety, calmness and courage

April 2019 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies

September 2018 - Exploring the Extraordinary Meridians - The Linking Vessels and Cycles of Jing

March 2018 - Playing with Composites

November 2017 - The Girdle and the Sea of Blood (Penetrating Vessel and the Girdle)

January 2017 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies 

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