Shiatsu workshops

Workshops for practitioners and advanced students

I usually run two workshops per year for practitioners and advanced students, in Manchester at Bodywise Natural Health Centre.

For more information or to book a place, please email me:

Next workshop: Getting back into touch

Date: Saturday 12th September 2020

Time: 10.30 - 17.30

Venue: Bodywise Natural Health Centre, Manchester

Price: £75 (contact me if you have financial issues at the moment, and we can discuss a reduced-rate place)


A day of shiatsu for practitioners and advanced students, focusing on the basics of our shiatsu practice - touch.

After limitations on touching during the pandemic, this workshop will help us to get back into different aspects of touch. We will have the opportunity to connect touch with aspects of our practice that we have been developing during lockdown (eg distant healing approaches, self shiatsu tutorials), perhaps to get into shiatsu again after a break, or getting used to PPE.

We will explore different ways of touching the body, 

  • connecting with Yin and Yang kinds of touch, 

  • touch that moves energy along and touch that draws energy to a particular place,

  • touch and movement, touch and qi projection, touch and sensitivity

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If you would like information about booking me to teach a workshop for your group of shiatsu practitioners/students, please contact me.

Past workshops:

February 2020 - Shoulders: holding, unfolding

September 2019 - Fear and anxiety, calmness and courage

April 2019 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies

September 2018 - Exploring the Extraordinary Meridians - The Linking Vessels and Cycles of Jing

March 2018 - Playing with Composites

November 2017 - The Girdle and the Sea of Blood (Penetrating Vessel and the Girdle)

January 2017 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies 

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