Shiatsu workshops

Workshops for practitioners and third year students

I usually run two workshops per year for practitioners and third year students, in Manchester at Bodywise Natural Health Centre.

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Next workshop: Fear and anxiety, calmness and courage

Date: Sunday 22nd September, 2019

Time: 10.30 - 17.30

Venue: Bodywise Natural Health Centre, Manchester

Cost: £70, or £63 for members of the Shiatsu Society


Working with emotions in shiatsu - a day workshop for practitioners and 3rd year students, focused on anxiety.
We will be sharing lots of lovely shiatsu, having an enjoyable, calm and courageous day, supporting our own emotional selves and our work with clients.

We will be including the following areas:
- fear and anxiety, calmness and courage, how they connect with the meridians in Zen shiatsu/TCM/5 Element theory
- increasing our experience and understanding of fear and anxiety in the body, and how to connect with, release and relieve these states
- fear in the body from a scientific viewpoint - the autonomic nervous system, fight/flight, trauma, polyvagal theory
- supporting Yin and Yang in the light of these emotions

I have been particularly interested in emotion throughout my working life. I bring together my understanding from different perspectives
- 20 years of practice of shiatsu, including working with emotions with many clients
- PhD investigating emotional change processes in psychotherapy, as an academic psychologist; I'm still interested in new scientific and psychological perspectives
- 20 years of dance and movement practice with a focus on experiencing, moving with, and healing emotional patterns (5 Rhythms Heartbeat, Movement Medicine Chambers of the Heart)

I teach for the Shiatsu College in Manchester and run independent day workshops for practitioners and advanced students. I am passionate about supporting shiatsu practitioners to develop and enjoy their shiatsu practices. I am a Fellow of the Shiatsu Society and a registered teacher.

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If you would like information about booking me to teach a workshop for your group of shiatsu practitioners/students, please contact me.

Past workshops:

April 2019 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies

September 2018 - Exploring the Extraordinary Meridians - The Linking Vessels and Cycles of Jing

March 2018 - Playing with Composites

November 2017 - The Girdle and the Sea of Blood (working Penetrating Vessel and the Girdle)

January 2017 - Flexible bodies, stable bodies 

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