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Client testimonials

Anything we discuss in the course of a shiatsu session remains confidential. Thankyou to my clients, past and present, who have chosen to share something about their experiences here.

I was suffering from anxiety and sleep problems and Hannah's calm, professional approach was exactly what I needed to tune in to what was going on with my body and mind and start to relax. She is very experienced and can sense imbalances in body and mind through this gentle but powerful holistic therapy. Thankyou! (Sarah)

I found the Shiatsu Massage of Hannah really beneficial both physically and emotionally during my pregnancy. It was a wonderful experience which allowed me to relax and reduce some tensions in my back. After each session I was energised and calm and I am sure my baby too. Moreover, I could received numerous of advice from Hannah concerning positioning, breathing and auto-massage. I would greatly recommand her to every mum-to-be. (FL)

Visiting Hannah has had a very positive impact on my wellbeing. She is empathetic, friendly and very perceptive. Physical aches and pains have been dramatically reduced and I feel more relaxed and happy. (Julia)

I have been having Shiatsu for many years from different practitioners and have always found it very beneficial. However I find that Hannah's unique combination of skills make for possibly the best experience I have had in this field.



Hannah is very thorough, meticulous and effective. This coupled with her friendly and efficient approach makes her an adept practitioner. I would not hesitate to recommend her. (Amanda V)


My shiatsu treatments with Hannah left me feeling calmer and stronger. (Louisa C)


A few months ago I was advised to try shiatsu for my baby who was very unsettled. It was then that I met Hannah and straight away felt reassured by her calm and caring personality. I felt in safe hands at once.

It was my first time ever to experience the power of shiatsu and I definitely would love to come back for more sessions with Hannah. I would highly recommend her if you are looking for shiatsu practitioner. (Lauryna S)


Hannah’s very warm and friendly, very intuitive in her shiatsu yet also grounded and earthy. (Dayanandi)


I really enjoy my sessions with Hannah and feel so much better after them. I know that I am in very capable hands when I am with her. (LG)


I went to see Hannah with SPD (Pelvic Girdle Pain) in my second pregnancy. I had problems with walking any distance over a few minutes without resting, and was in a lot of discomfort, sitting, standing. The pain and discomfort were causing me a lot of anxiety as I was only half way through my pregnancy and was worrying about being able to look after my two year old and how long I would be able to work into the pregnancy. The day before my first appointment with Hannah I had had a panic attack (my first) which I feel was caused by my increased anxiety levels, caused by the pain.

After my first session, I immediately felt clearer headed and got my sense of 'self' back which had become a little bit lost. I wasn't in anywhere near as much discomfort and felt able to move more easily than before. I had another two sessions after this, both before week 30 - although I still wasn't able to walk very far for the remainder of my pregnancy, the shiatsu definitely helped me to feel more together both mentally and physically, significantly eased my discomfort and gave me a clear head to plan in spite of and accept my physical limitations. Unfortunately I don't think that shiatsu for SPD is known about widely, but I recommend it and Hannah to any pregnant women suffering from it I come across. (Natalie)


I find shiatsu a really good way to de-stress, and I also feel that I am taking control of my MS by coming for treatment. I always feel the benefits after a treatment; even if that’s just a placebo, it doesn’t really matter. I feel more energised, and emotionally it helps me with the challenge of staying positive when dealing with the issues that can arise from having MS. (LC)


Hannah's intuitive and supporting nature when giving Shiatsu, has given me a truly nurturing experience, raising my awareness of myself, my physical and emotional balance, around my energy, happiness, aspirations and limitations.

(Clare D)


I first consulted Hannah when I was suffering prenatal depression.  My son is now 12 and I have worked with Hannah ever since - chronic mental health problems (I have a bipolar diagnosis) and ongoing back pain - I injured my spine in my 20's - are now consistently managed and rarely debilitating.  I have moved from being a full time mental health service user reliant on benefits and on large amounts of medication to someone who is self employed, often happy and medication free.  My experience of working with Hannah has been one of ongoing learning and discovery of how my behaviours and choices can either harm or support me.  My attraction to shiatsu, initially, was its non-verbal nature - yet Hannah's words, when she uses them, are always insightful and complement the treatment.  I come away physically reconnected with myself but also mentally challenged.  I often ponder her feedback long after the treatment.  Hannah's capacity to meet me where I am, even though that can change significantly from treatment to treatment, is a relief in a world where we are often required to be something others want or need.  I can be fully myself with Hannah and get to the heart of what is being awakened moment by moment.   Hannah is not a "soft touch" -she will not collude or condone stuff that is harmful, she gently but powerfully challenges. When I don't know how or where I am at the start of the treatment I usually have come home to myself by the end. (C)


After nine years of regular shiatsu with Hannah, my body feels better and my mind clearer. Shiatsu has helped me in many different ways, for example by healing physical pain in my back and shoulders, and in developing a both more dynamic and relaxed outlook on my life. (CG)


I've been having shiatsu with Hannah for nearly four years now. Shiatsu helps me to cope with the fatigue that I suffer from following treatment for cancer, as well as being an oasis in a busy world. Hannah is empathic and supportive, insightful and skilled. I feel the treatment has helped me to be more balanced and kinder to myself, and has played a major part in me getting over the trauma of cancer and its treatment. I also feel it has contributed to my recovering from the fatigue which is slowly improving. I am always looking forward to the next treatment and wish it was available on the NHS. (JB)

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