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Testimonials from students

Feedback on 'The Girdle and the Sea of Blood', November 2017

'It was a really good workshop, and I couldn't wait to use the experience to expand my Shiatsu treatments. Both myself and my clients have really benefitted.' Vicky

'I loved the choice of topic. (...) I think the workshop has given me more of a handle on how to work with the Extraordinary Vessels in general and boosted my confidence to use them more in my practice. I found Hannah's teaching style clear and grounded. I came away from the workshop with a sense that I had learnt something concrete that I could apply easily in my practice.' Rachel

'The course was ace, it deeply affected me (...) I think the course was well laid out, not too much info, plenty of time to practice, just really well balanced. Thanks. I can't wait for the next one.​​' John

'I always like Hannah's session. As she gives us a lot of practical exercises, and advice is always clear'. Emi

Feedback on 'Linking Vessels and Cycles of Jing', September 2018

'Friendly, approachable , with great memorable phrases (...) Loved the day and your energy and teaching and look forward to more courses, Thank you for reinspiring me.' Yolanda

'I thought the content of the day was very coherent and a good balance of theory and practice   It was a nice sized group and I enjoyed and learnt from all the swaps (...)  Thanks again for taking the time to share your knowledge  it is appreciated' Joyce


'This was the first time I've done a workshop with Hannah. I have to say, I thought it clear, considerate and enlightening. There was time to explore questions and Hannah created a very comfortable, easy going space.' Adrian

'Hannah is a lovely teacher. There is a nice quiet, focused, bright, sunny feel in her class. She is a very experienced therapist with so many stories and techniques to share. And a good teacher so the information comes through confidently, smoothly and clearly.' Monica

Feedback on 'Shoulders: holding, unfolding, February 2020

'Excellent Choice of topic.  Shoulders are such a complicated structure they require greater depth of knowledge and experience for the giver to feel comfortable with. Hannah always makes everyone’s learning abilities feel attended to.  I would want to attend all Hannah’s programmes if possible'  Angie

'Do you think you will use what you have learned in your shiatsu practice? I certainly hope it will inform my practice and encouraged me to think about aspects of my shiatsu in new ways. Comments on Hannah's teaching - Clear, measured, approachable.'  Rachel

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