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Climate-friendly shiatsu

“I love Shiatsu because it is a low carbon method of creating a healing space - where we can get in touch with ourselves, others and our relationship to the external environment!"

Cliff Andrews, Shiatsu practitioner and teacher

Throughout June we are posting contributions we have received from people who wanted to tell us one thing they love about shiatsu. If you would like to tell us one thing you love about shiatsu, please feel free to comment and share our posts! All contributors have given us permission to share their words, with the names or initials given. '1 thing I love about shiatsu' is a collaborative project for #shiatsuawarenessmonth (an initiative of the Shiatsu Society (UK) ) and #shiatsuwithoutborders (an initiative of the ESF - European Shiatsu Federation ). It is being managed by Hannah Mackay - Shiatsu and creativity for The Shiatsu College #shiatsu #shiatsumassage #1thingiloveaboutshiatsu Shiatsu College London Shiatsu College, Manchester Shiatsu College Brighton Shiatsu College Hastings Shiatsu College Norwich

{photo credit: Claire Gilliver, at the Shiatsu College Residential, 2022)

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