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feeling restored, feeling fascinated...

"My favourite thing about receiving Shiatsu is that feeling of being totally restored to feeling yourself, with all the joy and possibilities, calmness and feeling totally unwound, having had a hugely enjoyable hour of TLC into the bargain. Let's face it, Shiatsu feels wonderful to receive. Giving Shiatsu is always a privilege, I never fail to be awed at the dance of energy, the beautiful, fascinating journey that happens when somebody gives their trust and themselves to a session of Shiatsu and will never fail to be surprised on how immediate or incredible the changes can be after Shiatsu, it's literally the most rewarding and joyous profession I have ever worked in."

Nikki Wingfield, Shiatsu practitioner

Throughout June we are posting contributions we have received from people who wanted to tell us one thing they love about shiatsu. If you would like to tell us one thing you love about shiatsu, please feel free to comment and share our posts!

All contributors have given us permission to share their words, with the names or initials given.

{photo credit: Nikki Wingfield}

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