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sensitive and seeking, like a bee

1 thing I love about shiatsu: "I see my Shiatsu as a bee would find pollen. My sensitive fingers seek the meridians or energy lines in order to send healing, much as a bee sends her proboscis into a flower. The bee makes honey with the pollen, and honey is very energising as is the healing power sent into the meridians. The bee flies down to the flower connecting heaven to earth as does a Shiatsu practitioner. The bee scans his surroundings and is drawn to the flowers like fingers finding tsubos to connect with meridians."

Angela Wood, Shiatsu practitioner, Stalybridge AngelHands ShiatsU4U

Throughout June we are posting contributions we have received from people who wanted to tell us one thing they love about shiatsu. If you would like to tell us one thing you love about shiatsu, please feel free to comment and share our posts! All contributors have given us permission to share their words, with the names or initials given.

{photo credit: Angela Wood, from her own painting)

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