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Shiatsu meets us where we are

"One thing I love about Shiatsu is that it meets us exactly where we are - as giver and receiver, and brings us exactly the experience we need, in that moment - whether we were aware of that need beforehand, or not. From spiritual/universal connection and integration, to relief of pain and symptoms, to reconnecting to our emotions, to a sense of purpose and empowerment, to feeling the power of being witnessed and accepted. And sometimes all of these things can happen in the same session."

Ema Melanaphy, shiatsu student

Throughout June we are posting contributions we have received from people who wanted to tell us one thing they love about shiatsu. If you would like to tell us one thing you love about shiatsu, please feel free to comment and share our posts! All contributors have given us permission to share their words, with the names or initials given.

{photo credit: Glasgow School of Shiatsu}

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